Risk Management Services and Resources


Every company can experience accidents, injuries and property damage. Motorists Risk Management services take the extra step to protect your business before these potential events occur. This proactive approach aims to help you avoid filing claims. Fewer claims can result in reduced costs and premium savings.

Our Risk Management consultants are experienced Occupational Safety & Health professionals, meaning you get an experienced and knowledgeable professional for everything from ergonomics to product safety and liability. Our Risk Management services are included in commercial insurance policies.

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Occupational Safety & Health

Our on-site Risk Management assessment identifies potential hazards or exposures that can result in employee injuries and provides solutions for the hazards or exposures identified.

Fleet/Driver Safety

Fleet safety should be a high priority whether your operation is small or large. Fleet safety starts with a strong fleet safety policy and an emphasis on driver selection, vehicle maintenance and defensive driving training. We can assist with designing a fleet safety policy and program, evaluating existing fleet safety policies/procedures; developing driver selection procedures; and providing resources for defensive driver training.

Product Safety

Product liability is often an overlooked risk exposure. Product liability exposures are present anytime a company manufactures or directly imports a proprietary part or product; an Original Equipment Manufacturer product is significantly altered, changed, installed or serviced/repaired; and a product is damaged in storage or shipping. We can assist with the evaluation of the potential for product liability claims by reviewing your operations and products to identify potential product liability exposures.


We evaluate processes, work stations and methods in your operation that present exposures to cumulative trauma disorders, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, lower back injuries and other related conditions, and provide solutions for the exposures identified.

Property Protection

The protection of your facilities from fire, explosions and other perils is a high priority as many businesses do not recover from these types of losses. We will provide evaluation of your facility, including identification of potential fire hazards; evaluation of fire protection, detection and suppression systems; and a review of fire prevention measures.

Public Liability

Businesses have varying degrees of public liability. Businesses that have members of the general public on their premises on a regular basis have a higher degree of liability, and thus incur a higher degree of responsibility for the safety of their customers. We will evaluate the premises to identify potential liability hazards and/or exposures, including conditions of sidewalks, parking lots and entryways; floor conditions; emergency egress; and many other potential sources of liability. We’ll offer recommendations to improve controls or reduce hazards or exposures.


Motorists offers a wide variety of Risk Management resources to assist your business with loss-prevention efforts, including safety handouts, safety training guides, PowerPoint presentations and access to online safety training videos.

Employment Matters Resource Center

Our commercial policyholders receive access to the Employment Matters Resource Center, a compliance solution to help address your organization's specific needs.

Business Continuity Planning

OFB-EZ Mobile App guides you through an easy process to create a recovery plan that will help your business, no matter what size, recover and re-open quickly after a disaster.

Access to Online Safety Resource Libraries

Our commercial policyholders have access to an online safety resources library. The library contains safety handouts, safety training guides, PowerPoint presentations, model safety programs and policies and much more. For access, contact your local Risk Management consultant or independent agent. You can also email us at onlinetrainingresourcesMMIC@motoristsgroup.com and provide your company name, contact name, phone number and email address to request a user account.

Online Training Videos

Auto/Fleet and Workers’ Compensation policyholders receive unlimited access to free safety training videos. For access contact your independent agent or local Risk Management consultant. You can also email us at onlinetrainingresourcesMMIC@motoristsgroup.com and provide your company name, contact name, phone number and email address to request a user account.

Risk Management Calculators

Use our Vehicle Accident Frequency Calculator to estimate your company's vehicle claim frequency as low, medium or high compared to insurance industry frequencies.

Use our Total Cost of Accidents Calculator to estimate the amount of hidden costs associated with employee accidents and injuries and how it can impact your bottom line.

Return to Work Programs

Control premium costs by returning injured workers to work as soon as practical. We offer assistance in policy/program development, identification of light/modified duty jobs, on-site job analysis, development of job descriptions and more. Contact your local Risk Management consultant to discuss your return to work needs.