Advantages of timely notice of workers’ compensation claims

The sooner policyholders report a workplace injury to Motorists, the better the outcomes. Early incident reporting results in lower costs and better care for the injured worker. And if the injury turns out to be an incident resulting in no medical care, we close out the claim and it has no effect on the policyholder’s rates.

Additional benefits of early claim reporting include:

  • The employee, the supervisor and any witness memories are fresh, and important details are not forgotten
  • Inspection of the unchanged accident scene
  • Opportunity for Motorists to take prompt cost reduction steps
  • Insurers right of recovery is protected from any responsible third party
  • Injured employee receives the right medical care from the start
  • Injured worker feels better and recovers more quickly
  • Return to work can be considered and planned for

You can learn more about this important topic in our new timely reporting flier.