Cyber security tip #2: Don’t let a man-in-the-middle get between you and secure online shopping

At one of the busiest times of the year, it may be tempting to use public, easy-to-access Wi-Fi connections. However, using public Wi-Fi can expose you to a man-in-the-middle attack. These types of hackers intercept or join online activity, including online shopping. The URL you believe you are being routed to might be rerouted to a mirrored website without you even noticing.

For example: you type in a department store’s URL, and behind the scenes, a hacker secretly reroutes you to a mirrored site. While you think you are logging on to a site for holiday shopping, you are actually providing the hacker your account information. Usernames, passwords and cookie information are all at risk of being exploited.

Public Wi-Fi networks can expose you to this malicious activity. This holiday season, be aware of the Wi-Fi connections you use for personal and business activity online.