Protect your personal assets through Motorists

Protecting your personal assets through Motorists products is something you can depend upon. The jewelry you received over the holidays likely has an added sentimental value, and a Motorists Insurance Group homeowners policy can easily be tailored to address these needs. While most homeowners policies provide named peril coverage for jewelry and include special limits for jewelry by loss of theft, options are available to increase these special limits.

To determine the value of your jewelry, we recommend obtaining an appraisal. An appraisal is always a good choice and may be required for items of a certain value – and don’t underestimate the impact of inflation. Diamonds have increased in value 10 times since 1960 and doubled in value since 2000. Ask your agent if he or she has a recommended local jeweler for a checkup and polishing.

Your independent Motorists agent knows how sentimental your jewelry is, and can help tailor your coverage to protect it.